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Increasing interest towards online home made food!!!

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, the home made food is becoming more and more popular. People who are health conscious and have no time to spend on cooking prefer to order home made food online and it is easy to order through various websites and apps.  The increasing interest in home made food has made many people leave their jobs and start an online home made food catering business. People who are passionate in cooking have got a chance to expose their skills outside by starting their own online home made food catering service. Especially homemakers who are good in cooking are getting a chance to showcase their skill to the outside world by catering online home made food ordering services. Seeing the interest for home made food even many tech companies and many other major companies are having tie ups with online home made catering services. This has given a a new dimension to the home made food catering service. This a good trend that is beneficial

How to do secure online shopping?

E-tailing/Online selling is increasing exponentially over years. People are much interested in buying online.  With increase in online buying there are some adverse factors which makes online buying a bitter experience or which reduces the interest in online buying for some people. Online Robbery or online theft is one among the reasons for some of the people loosing interest in online buying. Almost 25-30% of online buyers are suffering from online theft. There are many ways in which online theft can be avoided or reduced. Most of the people use credit cards to buy online. Securing or not sharing the pin number with others is an important thing to do. While using online transfers for buying online,  the password and other banking details which need not be revealed should never be revealed and if any doubt arises about the details being asked, then it is better not to shop in that E-market place. Being careful about the phishing mails,phishing websites and download links wh

Will Chinese 'Baidu' have its influence on India's online Selling/E-tailing?

Search engines play an important role in increasing the popularity or visibility of an E-market place/ website.There are many search engines like yahoo, Bing. But Google is a very popular search engine till now and from past 17 years the usage of Google  has grown exponentially. Any website or E-market place uses S earch Engine Optimisation  techniques to improve its visibility in Google. Online selling/E-tailing indirectly depends on the Google search engine visibility. This scenario has now changed in China because of Baidu. Baidu is a search engine which is started 13 years ago in China and  now Baidu has overtaken Google in China.  Google is used in China, but Baidu has overtaken the No.1 position by 70-80% of internet users using Baidu. This makes the China's Baidu more popular than Google in China.  The websites/E-market places in China have to design their E-market places/websites so that it is more visible in Baidu. Till now China has proved its potential in th

Is it profitable to do online selling in India ? - The Pots of Gold at the (Indian) Rainbows End .

About 40 minutes, that is all it has taken for 95000, Mi3 Xiaomi Mobiles to be sold  in India through Flipkart in six flash sales.  This shows the future of e-commerce in India – Says The Economic Times.  Online sellers! the future of e-commerce in India is Pots of Gold at the Rainbows End.  In my blog - Oh!   It all started with the Barter System , I  wrote about the selling trends of 50’s till 90's  where- in  one  important link I omitted to mention in  between the online selling of present day world  and the old time way of selling.  That is the Mail Order Business.  The advertisements in print media  converted into a sale by Mail Order Business.  In the 60’s till the year 1970 the selling through Value  Payable Post has been considered as the important link to the present day online selling. Here is a brief history of evolution of Indian online market (e-market) for your view – Online Sellers. In the year

Does affiliate marketing help E-market places to become popular?

Any E-market place when started will not be a success until it is established and made a known and trusted name among everyone. To win the trust  and to make it a familiar E-market place, it takes a lot of effort and patience. Many of the major E-market place like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. are popular not only with customers for their deals but they are popular in affiliate marketing. The major E-market places like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. have been supporting affiliates or associates paying a good commission to them.  The affiliate marketing is where the bloggers, website owners etc. are paid commission for placing the links from the E-market places.  Amazon is very popular among affiliates as it is easy to enter into its affiliate program,  for the promptness in paying the commission etc. Affiliate programs to some extent play a role in popularising an E-market place or website. People who own a website,blog etc.  indirectly promote products or the market pla

The profitable trend of online grocery selling

Grocery shopping is an essential part of any home and this cannot be postponed or cancelled based on some financial ups and downs of a family. This is the main concept for finding many online grocery stores. The online grocery stores like, etc. which are already poplular with in a short span is an example of  how fast the online grocery shopping is increasing in India. The much popular retail grocery stores like reliance fresh which has an online grocery store, the very trusted brand of Godrej having its online grocery store in the name of Naturebasket, the popular E-market place like Amazon starting grocery shopping shows the rising interest of online  grocery shopping among people. There are different ways in which the grocery shopping is managed by the E-market places. One is the direct management  like purchase, delivery of the products by a single E-market place like The other one like the facility to order from a favorite loca