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A new trend in online sales

There is a new trend in online sales now a days. Some of the websites like Urban ladder, Lenskart, Caratlane  etc. started a new trend in online sales. The trend is to allow the customers try the products before actually buying them. This new trend has definitely increased the sales for these websites, reports say. This new trend works like this. The customer planning to buy a product in one of these above mentioned websites can choose 5 products of their choice for trial and choose a convenient day and time and book a schedule. A representative from these websites will bring the products to the potential customer's home and allow them to try the products before buying. This new trend of trying before buying and saying no if they don't like the products in a one way is good to both the customer and the seller. A seller can know the reasons why some of the products are sold in a huge quantity and why some of their products are less in sale based on the direct interact

You can also be a winning seller in the online ecommerce market by selling chinese goods or Has the Chinese dragon stopped emitting fire?

On a pleasant day in the year 1271, a seventeen-year-old Venetian merchant started his onward journey along with his father and uncle to the other end of the world - Glorious China.  On that day he was not aware that one day his name will be etched on the history of the world. That teenaged merchant name was Marco Polo ( a name etched in the travelogues history), and his father and uncle namely Niccolo Polo and Maffeo Polo. The onward journey lasted for two years, and they reached the Chinese kingdom ruled by the famous Emperor KUBLAI KHAN, the son of emperor Genghis Khan. Those were the days where  the glory of the Khan's Empire baffled the Holy Roman Empire wherefrom the Polo's family came. The Chinese with their grand marble architectural wonders and their beautiful silks dazzled the sense of young Marco Polo. The transportation of Chinese Silk and Artefacts,  to be sold in the markets of the western world has given birth to the famous S

6 easy ways to improve your online sales

You have just started your own online business like selling designer clothes online. You have started your own website with great design and beautiful pictures and you are waiting for orders to pour in. But you do not get orders pouring in as you have expected and  you have started worrying about the reasons behind this . We will go through the steps to be followed to get more and more orders and to improve the online sales. 1 . Pricing: Pricing is an important factor in online business. There are many websites available for everything and so doing a little research on how other websites have given a pricing to the similar products you are selling online and pricing the products in a competitive way does improve sales. 2. Tags or Keywords: Include more tags or key words in your website to improve the search engine optimisation. 3. Visibility : Your products or website may not be visible online and for that take some measures like writing a blog about the products frequen

How can I start an Online Business?

Whether you are a seller already selling in a retail market and want to expand or want to  become an online seller, there are now a days many websites available where you can list the products and start an online business. But it is really important to choose in which websites to list the products or which websites really help you grow or expand your business. Like if you have to choose websites where you can sell your products, let us start with these three websites. The first Website would be Amazon. Amazon is one of the top most E-marketing places with millions of customers and the reach out is huge. Amazon always puts sellers at ease. The new feature called Fulfillment  By Amazon( FBA ) where the seller can store his/her products in Amazon fulfillment centers where Amazon picks, packs and ships the products to customers puts sellers at ease. The second wise choice would be Ebay . Added to the advantage of easy selling on Ebay ...there is another interesting feature

wondering How Amazon is among the top E-market selling places?

                                                 Amazon, everyone is familiar with this name.Everyone knows ... even a kid knows that he/she can go and buy anything on amazon .I think that is one of the reasons why Amazon is so successful. Amazon has started its journey in USA and spread its wings all over the world with in a short period of 18 years. For a seller the customer is the king. But for an E-market place the buyer and the seller both are important. Amazon has recognised this fact where the seller or buyer is made special with their quick response in every way,and by doing that to millions of sellers and buyers and making everyone feel special is one of the the success secrets of Amazon. Now for the buyers: The buyers always enjoy deals...and when I was going through one of the forums, ".one of the amazon buyer was shocked to find out how much money he has to spend to return a particular product whereas amazon does the free shipping or at minimum cost.Shipp

Oh!!! It all started with the Barter System of Selling .....

How to sell my products online? While I was brooding over this topic,  my thinking raced back to the early days of my life. On those days, shopping means going to a shop asking the salesperson to show a particular product. You pay the price by cash and take the product. That was a simple purchase transaction done. There is another form of selling which  has been happening on those times. The saree selling merchant will come to my house in a hand-pulled rickshaw. He will beautifully spread the sarees on the native fibre mat of our living room. All womenfolk will assemble and have a look at the sarees. They will select and the amount will be paid by cash and sarees  handed over. The concept of Departmental Stores had not crept in our life. For the European and upper strata of the society, there was only one store with a massive building i.e. Spencers at Mount Road, Madras.  There, the goods were categorically displayed on the racks and on the display stands, and you c

Selling online is now easy with Sellinall

  "People choose buying online than in the retail market".This is the buzz line going viral in the internet or anywhere.But is it true, are there any reasons for this?We will just try to analyze the above buzz line. The number of booming e-commerce websites for each and every individual product it and you can find a seperate website for that.This itself is a proof that buyers more and more are interested in online shopping rather than spending a whole day to buy one product. There are so many e-commerce websites where anything can be bought easily.But coming to sellers,  it is not so easy for them to sell online.A seller has to go through many steps to sell his/her products.This one thought made a team of e-commerce techs to develop a software sellinall where the seller is made comfortable or his/her job made easy.                                                           - Anupama Gundu-                                                  anupama.gundu@